1/2 Mad Poet

1/2 MAD POET is an entertainingly unpredictable rock trio that conveys a visible passion for music to every audience. This Chicago band comes from a variety of musical backgrounds and influences, but they share a powerful rock sensibility that keeps the energy level high throughout the show. The mixture of fervor and intensity they bring to every performance makes for a compelling live act. 1/2 MAD POET loves to play and have fun with everyone who comes to see them from the most dedicated fan to the curious first timer. 1/2 MAD POET's musical prowess and ability for diversity have allowed them to play venues ranging from parties and bars to local and national festival stages. Some of their larger shows have included Lilith Fair 1998 and performing with such acts as Joan Jett, Sugar Ray, Smash Mouth, Evil Beaver, Warrant and even Weird Al Yankovich. 1/2 MAD POET has traveled to more than 11 states ranging from Minnesota to Texas bringing their distinctive sound to an ever growing legion of fans. Guitarist/ Lead vocalist, Anita Chase, has written and performed for country, folk, punk and rock bands since age 16 as well as singing with a gospel choir and various ensembles since grade school. Her raw, aggressive playing and singing have invited comparisons to Janis Joplin, Joan Jett and Ann Wilson. Bassist/ vocalist, Sheela Reddy, began studying music in first grade with classical piano until she discovered a passion for playing bass, both upright and electric. She has played jazz, Latin, music theatre, classical, blues, funk rock and also sang in a gospel choir. Sheela lays down some serious grooves with her funky, melodic playing, giving a nod to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Bee Gees and Motley Crue. Drummer/ vocalist, Chandler, has been rocking and rolling all over for many a year. After filling in with 1/2 MAD POET for about a year, Chandler joined bluesy chick rockers, TK04. Chandler is a welcome addition back to the Poetgirl groove with her unshakeable sense of humor, blues-tinged vocals and powerful, stick snapping drumming. Despite their large array of influences, 1/2 MAD POET still retains a tight-knit musical cohesiveness that captivates the listener. The serious commitment of this professional band to their art is reflected in the name of the band itself: 1/2 MAD POET?s name came from the idea of the passionate (i.e. mad) artist tempered by rationality; as heard by their ardent enthusiasm for music and thought provoking lyrics. This is a ?need to see live? band who always go all out to put on an exciting concert that will cause even the drunkest crowd member to wake up the next day with a smile on their face. Discography- 1999 ?Ain?t I a Woman?!?? 2001 ?Pictures? Awards- 2000 - GoGirlsMusic.com Cool Band Award 2001 ? Best Girl Band, top 10 GirlMedia.com

Title Time Bitrate Cost
N/A Run 3m 18s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A Again 3m 32s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A Shattered Dreams 5m 53s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A Leaf 9m 24s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A Wish It Was Morning 3m 15s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A G-Funk 3m 47s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A Simplicity 3m 12s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A Mystic Catharsis 4m 17s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A Imbroglio 4m 21s 128 kBit/s $1.50
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